Turmeric Leaves.

For the base:

Boiled rice- one cup (soaked in warm water)


For the Filling:


Green Chillies-5

Ginger and Garlic Paste-  1 tsp.

Grated coconut- 1/2 cup

Chicken minced- 250 grams

Turmeric Powder- 1/4 tsp

Coriander leaves- a handful

Salt to taste.

oil-4 tbsp


Soak boiled rice overnight in warm water. And then grind it into a fine paste with salt(it should not be watery ).Set aside.

Take a wok pan and add oil, onions,green chilles and fry well until soft and brown.Then add ginger garlic paste to it and cook it until the fowl smell disappears. To this then add chicken mince, grated coconut , turmeric powder and salt and cook it on low heat until the water content evaporates. Turn off the flame and set aside to cook.

Take the Turmeric leaves and wash them well with water, dry them and set them on a flat surface and use a roller pin to flatten it out.

Then to the Turmeric leaves , use the rice paste and spread it thin across the whole leaf with your bare hands.To this then add the chicken filling on half the part of the leaf and fold it.

Then you can steam these or cook in pan until the rice cakes are cooked. In the above picture i have actually microwaved the content for one min first and then cooked it on the pan.(note do not burn the leaves while using the pan).



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