As a mum I would always want to use a product which is safe for my child. And sebamed just does that . It states on all the packaging that these products are made ‘for delicate skin’ and ‘ideal for ph 5.5 healthy skin’. I first tested it on my skin, and felt it was extremely mild and safe, so continued to try it during my little princess bath time/ daily cleaning routine. 

 Baby Wash – a tear free formula, the baby wash provides protection from irritation and is 100% soap and alkali free for daily use. It is even recommended for certain types of eczema.Children’s Shampoo – offering extra mild cleansing of hair and scalp, naturally moisturising to prevent dryness.

Baby Lotion – supports the skins natural balance, camomile soothes irritation, and makes the skin soft and smooth. Face cream – is a protective moisturising cream and prevents the skin from drying out and promotes healing of irritation through drooling and scratches to the face. 


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