I am not an extrovert nor an introvert . I could say I am an ambivert , I am goofy , quite reserved and keep to myself . But hey there are certain things that I’d love to share with the world the things they don’t know about me … so here it goes …

1. I have always been fascinated with the M&B’s ( Mills and Boone ) I started secretly reading them at the age of 16 from my aunt’s collection.

2. I have a masters of science degree in psychology. That’s something that I am proud of … ( And yes I can’t read minds )

3. When I go groceries shopping I have to go to every aisle and look at everything . ( I call it educating myself about the products absolve in the market ).

4. I am obsessed with cleaning ( call it OCD) , I need everything in its place and neat . Plus I have allergy to dust so I need my house to be dust free .

5. I love the colour black.

6. I am afraid of deep waters .

7. I dislike cooking but I am pretty good at it and I blog about it ironically .

8. I want my daughters first words to be “MaMa” .

9. When I was 12 I fell off the chair in front of my crush .

10. I constantly shopping for my little girl . Like she is just 2 months old and I am constantly looking for clothes , products and other things for her . I am sure any new mom could relate to it .

Dress from toffy house :


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