Wedding are a huge affair in my family , and most of my family memebers love to shop and dress up to their nines . So where do we go .. let’s just say the perfect place for the perfect outfit , the “BADSHA’s PRIDE”. So why do we choose this place ?…
 Well the asnswer to that is , Badsha’s Pride is a one stop shop for all types of outfits keeping you in tune with traditions as well as the latest trends. They have a combination of talented Karigars .i.e craftsmen who work on custom made designs which makes us outstanding in the fabric world. To begin with their roots, The Badsha’s group was born in the year 1914 in Virajpet, Coorg with a small set up.Today they are known as the largest chain of stores in Karnataka. They recently announced their 100th year of existence in the world of fabrics and also connect to their clients in a bigger way to associate with pride and hence they came up with this name of “The Badsha’s Pride”. Over the years ,The Badsha’s groups has catered to the customers all over the world and even to the Royal families of Mysuru and has grown to a trusted brand all over Karnataka. Their values have always remained constant though they have changed their outlook.

They have and always will strive for the best in terms of quality, design and price be it for Sarees, Salwar-Kameez, Dress Materials, Kanjeevarams, Mysore Silks, Arnis, Soft Silks, Printed Silks and Patialas.
  P.S , I really do pick most of my formal outfits from the last 4years from this place .


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