This is a one of a kind place in the city of Mysore . The ambience is great , the garden and the paintings are the highlights of the place . So I have been to this cafe twice now and trust me the good is amazing . The servers were polite and friendly and the service was fast . Now let me get to the food part if you enjoy more of an continental type food this the place for you .

So initially when your seated you get complimentary breads and spreads .

Then I ordered the soup . It was a chicken with barleys , fascinating combo but yet smashing . ( I might try out the recipe )

The Greek salads were as heavenly as the Greek gods .

The chicken steaks were perfectly cooked but I prefer a little bit more of spice in the sauce .

I also tried the pink pasta the sauce had the perfect combination of both the white and red sauce just the way I like it .

Also you shouldn’t ever ever forget to try the drink called ” frostings special drink ” it has coconut water , coconut milk and ice cream . I loved it and would go back again just for that.

Well for dessert I tried the banoffe pie , it was not very rich and heavy on the stomach and definitely after a heavy meal it’s the perfect way to end such an amazing meal .


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