As a new mom I want to use the most eco friendly diapers for my kid , my fav cloth diapers started to become a hassle to do laundry and it leaking . So after weeks of thinking over it , I switched to disposable diapers and what better choice than pureborn .

I was so happy to have found an eco friendly disposable diapers that are affordable , absorbent , and sustainably have greatly widened in the recent years . And the manufacturers have provided all the transparent information about their manufacturing process , as they are made from bamboo fiber and not a single tree was cut during the process .

And what can I say about their prints . They are so cute and pretty , they come in 3 varieties of prints . I mean when I first got them , all my husband could say about it was ” those are some fancy designer diapers ” . I mean who wouldn’t want a fancy designer diaper at affordable price . I loved them and so should you 😀 .

And the Pureborn baby wipes are also made from natural ingredients , aloe, bamboo fiber and calming chamomile . It sure is the solution to many of our problems especially during a diaper rash . The only problem I have with the wipes is the packaging , once opened it dries out quickly cause unlike other wipes it doesn’t have a stick or a lid on it . Other than that this is a blessing on your baby’s skin .


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