I had been told my whole life that I probably would have difficulty getting pregnant due to polycystic ovary syndrome. And after 2 years of our marriage we started to try , I knew it wasn’t going to be easy as I had been to several doctors and most of them told me that I wasn’t ovulating and chances of getting pregnant was slim. I had stopped having my lady cycles for about 7 months altogether cause of several factors , one being stress , every month it would be a heartbreak to have a pregnancy test come up negative . Around October 2016 , I had already given up hope and wanted to move on from getting worked up about not conceiving , and trust me my body fooled me every month before conception with all possible pregnancy symptoms so ladies do not just assume that your pregnant unless your doctors says so . On a bright morning of Christmas Eve on 2016 , I woke up nervously and took a test right away, it took barely a min for both the lines to appear and honestly I didn’t know how to react at that moment , it took me about 2 hours to actually wake my husband up and tell him the news . The same morning we went to a doctor and confirmed that I was nearly 5+ weeks . How I shared the news with my loved ones is kind of personal and I wouldn’t want to share that part right now .

I never expected to get pregnant right away ā€“ it was the most surreal thing I have ever experienced. I had been extremely tired, and thought it was because of allergies. I decided on a whim to test, fully expecting a negative result. I didn’t believe it was positive. I absolutely couldn’t believe it, and was convinced I would miscarry because there was just no way, in my mind, it could be this easy for us.

I longed for symptoms the first few weeks to reassure me things were going well. Around seven weeks I started feeling nausea in the evenings, and I threw up for the first time during week 7 weeks ā€“ when I thought any sickness would pass! Unfortunately, I continued to throw up during the entire the first quarter of my pregnancy, one to three times a week.

My pregnancy journey had been very difficult having several health issues ,the worst thing was at 37 weeks , there was this epidemic flu going on in my city and I caught it , it was terrible , I had to be shifted to the ICU due to lowered oxygen levels and pregnancy complications where they had to induce steroids so that if the baby comes in sooner , her lungs would be fully matured . The after effects of the flu were terrible , I had bloated up , with bad rashes( left a lot of stretch marks ) and on and off temperature rising .

Then at 38 weeks we got to know that the baby had a cod around her body and neck and she might be coming out sooner . So my husband had to fly to out to my side and for our surprise the day he landed the same night my water broke at about 3.45 am .. I was rushed to the hospital and since i didn’t have any contracting they first induced the pain via gel , then again in the IV . My doctor patiently waited till about 11.30 am and then informed us that she couldn’t wait any longer as the water levels had dropped drastically , so I had to be prepared for a c section . I think it was one of the worst things and the best thing that I have experienced , the worst being that I watched myself being cut open and I could feel it and the best thing is that I witnessed the birth of my daughter , and what others say is true once you see your child , you really do forget everything that’s going on around you . Yes my delivery was traumatizing but it was worth it . I still can’t over the fact that such a little being could bring so much joy into my life . I am truly blessed .

P.S – I would do this all over again for my daughter any day .


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