It’s been about 25 days since I moved back to Dubai , it sure has been challenging . Having to tend to a lot of things like a house , guests , a husband and a kid . It sure does take up most of your time and pretty much leaves you drained out by the end of the day . And just like any other mommy I felt like I could do it all without any help , but the thing is that I do need help . I realised it much later after I started to miss out on my daughters milestones . Trust me it does hurt a lot when you miss out on your kids firsts , I did and it made me realise that I need to spend time with my kid too , I can’t just be the person who just feeds , bathes , and dresses my tiny human . I don’t need just help with just the chores , I need emotional support too , since I have been having issues with postpartum , PCOS , and the after effects of dengue and typhoid. We women are so strong emotionally we hide most of our emotions from the second we wake up in the morning to the second we fall asleep .

But it’s okay to let It all out . It’s okay to cry . It’s okay to scream . It’s okay to take a break . It’s okay to just let go too .

Yes , there will be a lot of people who will be judgmental and give advices which probably you wouldn’t need or which makes you uncomfortable, and most of these things tend to be related on how your raising your kid , hang in there , take what good points you need from them and the rest just let it be .

Ask for help from your loved ones , and even if you don’t get help , that’s okay , be patient , life is not going to throw something at you which you wouldn’t be able to handle .

Maybe I am right , maybe I am wrong , but I sure am hoping well for all the new mothers out there. Take time to take care of yourself . Cause only you can take care of you , no one else can do that for you .


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