Well , that’s a good question . I am a psychologist by profession , and I was working back in India in a reputable hospital for about a year , then since I got married in due course I had to move to Dubai , as my husband lived and worked here . The starting few months were blissful and I was too busy setting up my own sweet place and cooking exciting new things for my husband and chores .

Then it actually started to sink in , I didn’t like whole holiday feel , I actually wanted to go back to working and due to the regulations in the DHA I couldn’t get place anywhere in Dubai for what I was qualified for , as I had just one year of experience under my belt and not two which is usually the norm for having a DHA license . I felt helpless about it , i really did try finding a job out there , something that I could put my heart and soul into , but I felt defeated every single time . I tried , I really did , very hard .

After the sense of defeat I just gave in and started to get depressed about not having anything to do to keep me going . It did affect my personal life in ways I can’t even imagine and it went on about for 2 years . And then finally I started off blogging about food , I love food , who doesn’t . But cooking food was not my forte . But I did start off with the food blogging , I didn’t receive the encouragement that I needed with the food blog and eventually I stopped . Then when I was pregnant at about 6 month into my pregnancy , I came across this account of a wonderful lady named Nilufar ( dxbmommysjourney) I immediately feel in love with the way she portrayed her life with her son , and trust me it is wonderful , she has so much of positivity in her self and she is such a strong women , I Cannot even begin to say how big of a role model she is to me . I was inspired by her to start off my own mommy blog . I would like to share my story with the rest of the world too .

Mommy blogging isn’t just about reviewing stuff or just advertising things sponsors send you . It’s about sharing your journey of motherhood and actually sharing the products which has worked well for your kid and things that you do believe which will work well for your child . I share things which I do genuinely believe is good .

Blogging has made me feel good about myself and brought back confidence into my life . I dont really have any friends in Dubai . But I am surely hoping to make a lot of friends through my followers and meeting new people soon . I am not an introvert but due to circumstances I didn’t get much opportunities to go out and make new friends . But now I want to actually explore the world and its people in it’s true sense , and for that I need all of your support . Feel free to drop in a DM or an email . If you ever feel your alone or just feel like talking , your always welcome into my box ..: feel free !


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