Just like any other South Indian bride for my haldi I donned a kanjivaram saree . Typically in my family’s customs and traditions we have the application of sandalwood paste on the brides face , hands and legs before dressing up in the traditional saree , but in my case I skipped the whole haldi part as I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being applied sandalwood paste or haldi , but that’s my personal choice no judgement on others who prefer it .

I remember that my mum , aunts and I picked up my saree somewhere in banglore ( can’t recollect the name of the place ) but it was a last minute choice as I went through series of choices .

In my family’s tradition it is sort of customary to wear the hatta Patti ( which is the bracelets connecting to the rings ) . I had a lot of sentimental value towards what I wore that day cause it belongs to my mother , and she wore them as a Bride and since her wedding many of our family’s brides have worn the same bracelets . So finally when it was my turn it was overwhelming. And the Matta Patti ( Head gear ) belonged to my late grandmother which was passed on to her daughters . I cannot begin to say what an honour it was to wear it , it is another piece of jewellery that many of our community brides have worn as a traditional head gear , it’s simple , classy and something which will never go out of style . Another piece of jewellery which is close to my heart is my navaratna chocker , why is it special ? . Well it consists of 9 Gems , hence the name . It was a custom made design by my aunt and trust me I adore it .

I may not have been the typical South Indian bride but I was very happy with my look , and obviously I need to thank my aunt for the makeup and hair . Yes , I didn’t hire a makeup artist for my wedding cause my aunt is as good as a professional one and over the years she has dressed a lot of brides , I was very confident with my choice and she didn’t let me down 🙂


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