3 years ago I had my big day and I have to thank a lot of people who made it one of the best days of my life . I loved every min of the day . Even though I was a little stage shy and had concerns being the centre of attention , allamdulliallah i did not freak out .

My lehenga was exactly the colour I wanted it was in between red and pink , even though my mother wanted me to wear white . I went in for this traditional colour . The theme of my wedding was peacock colours and pretty much everyone who attended my wedding were in code . My father being a wedding hirer and decorator made sure everything was perfect and every detail checked twice .

My mum is my biggest support through all this . This day changed our relationship a lot , we because even more closer to each other than before and stronger . I cannot thank my mother enough and even to this day I still call my mother every single day , sometimes more than twice . I really cannot thank my mum enough for raising me the right way . And I hope to become at least half as good as a mother as she is . I havnt admitted to myself in all these years but today I can say that yes when I wanted to grow up I wanted to be like my mother . Be respected like her . Be looked upon like her . Be graceful like her . Be patient like her . Be tolerant like her . Be a mother like her . Be smart like her . I have learnt a lot of things from her but still that’s not enough and there is a longer way to go .

And I went off track from whole wedding scene to mummy scene . Well even to this day when I recollect my wedding memories all I can remember is my parents . I was very happy to have gotten married to the love of my life , but at the same time leaving behind my parents is something very hard and to this day I have those emotions coming up every now and then , living so far away from them , not able to see them , not able to care for them , not able to take care of them instead more over them still taking care of me .

I would like to also add that I really do love my husband dearly , and thanking him for tolerating my mood swings , anger , giving me the best present in the form of love and a child , being patient with me in both sickness and in health . He truly is a wonderful man and I a very lucky to have him as my husband and the father of my child . Happy 3 anniversary sweetheart . I love you and I hope we have many more happy anniversaries to come .



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