MOM SHAMING : criticizing or degrading a mother for her parenting choices because they differ from the other choices the shammers would make .

This is real , and yes there are a lot of Mom Shamers out there who constantly judge your for your parental choices , and it does surely hurt your feelings at first but , hey ! We all do get over it , cause we love are children as much as any other person would . The main reason as to why I was Mom shammed was due the fact that I couldn’t breast feed my child often or as normal as a women was expected to . This needed to be share cause I get judged upon it constantly on a day to day basis . Yes I cannot breast feed my child , I couldn’t produce enough milk due to health issues I faced post partum- and I know many many women could relate to this and also as to how alone I feel . Everywhere I looked everyone is preaching how breast milk is the best for the child and it helps them with their growth and what not . But sometimes it’s not an option . As long as we feed our child with love and care , that’s absolutely perfect , it doesn’t make you any less of a mother cause your child was bottle fed .

Why am I writing this cause I had people constantly in RL and on instagram passing comments as to why I wasn’t breast feeding . I really did try everything , medication , diet , massages , exercise , but it just didn’t work for me . I am not a bad mom just cause I cannot breast feed my child . But why do I have to still feel bad ? Why do I have to constantly explain to myself ? Even though I know I am doing my best .

This topic is sadly such a taboo issue and isn’t often talked about . We all know scientifically that breastfeeding is good for babies . But it’s not easy , I get it . But formula is fine too . I am doing my best and still walking around hating myself , so I had to say something . I think all other mothers should come together and support each other no matter what choices that we make . Sadly that’s not the case . It’s literally mean sometimes in the mom world . And to all the women reading this and feel isolated or alone because they are giving their babies formula ? Relax , your doing great . Shake off the haters . Just focus your energy and mind into keeping your babies happy 🙂


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