Well every mother out there would definitely want everything organic and natural for her child and inculcate that habit into their child too , rather than them having to eat junk food . Well one such brand that I came across was the NAB Middle East they have variety of organic products ranging from juices , fruit rolls to snacks to cold coffee . Below I have the product from the brand that I have tried .

The happy monkey smoothies : well my daughter is 6 months old so this smoothie was something which I couldn’t give her , instead I tasted it , it a little thick and tangy due to the strawberries but since it was cold it was very refreshing .

The yo-yo bear fruit rolls were amazing , even as an adult , I couldn’t stop munching these fruit rolls , they are tasty and healthy . They are made of pure fruit pulp and baked . No sugars added and absolutely perfect for kids over the age of 12 months .

Koele triple baked coconut chips : well if your a fan of coconut chips then this chips is definitely for you . I prefer my chips to be spicy and salty not sweet . But I liked the fact that the chips were thin crispy and had slight flavours in them rather than the burst of flavours like we see in other chips .

Landessa Ice coffee latte : oh this was a blessed in disguise I loved it . And probably going to pick this up often as I loved the fact that the coffee was not too strong nor too light just the perfect mix . For all those coffee lovers out there , you really need to try this .

Well finally I’d like to talk about the organic juices which nab Middle East sent me : I absolutely loved them . The best part is that there is no sugar . The juices extract with mineral water makes it actually very light and not heavy on you . It feels light and refreshing and that’s something I’d want to include in my daily diet in the mornings .


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