Just like any other parent I worry for my child – it’s a part of the job description . And usually told by many people not to worry , sometime even by the doctor ( who I oh so very frequently visit ) – but words aren’t just not enough to clam our nerves as parents we worry .

Well when I gave birth there were a lot more women in our family and friends circle who were expecting along with me , so it was like this huge baby boom . And it so happened that my daughter has a lot of other kids within the family growing up and that is surely very lovely to have a lot of friends and playmates . But here comes the negative side to it – the comparison . Ya’Allah , why ? Everyone wants to know what my little dimples does and then compare her with the rest of the kids her age . I mean come’on , give the mother a break , we don’t need to hear this , it wrecks our nerves as to why our children not doing this or that , or why hasn’t this happened yet . Well there are answers to this – Every child is different , just cause one child does something faster doesn’t mean they are the best and the one who is slow is someone weak . In medical terms – it just may be that your child’s gross motor development that are involved in rolling over , crawling , sitting , standing , walking etc , are just on the lower side of normal and that they’ll just gradually catch up to their friends of their age on his/ her own pace . There might be few things that can speed up the process with some exercises and other things . But trust me your child is just fine doing things in their own pace . Unless the child is just inactive or unhealthy , I suggest you all to consult a doctor .

Yes , I’d agree that I did feel that pinch when someone compared my child’s milestones to another child her age, but then I realised that it’s just not worth wasting my time and peace over thinking something that’s just so absurd . I don’t want to compare my child with another child over silly things , it’s just unhealthy and these negativity might grow day by day , so the best part is just to let it go , let your child be how every they are , make sure your child is happy , healthy and has a good environment . Trust me I’d give up anything in the world to just see my little dimples face light up with the most beautiful smile when she looks at me . I never did know that I could make anyone so happy just by looking at them .

This feeling of having to make my child happy , I’d never want to trade it with the insecurity of why my child isn’t catching up with the rest of the kids her age . Give your child the love , care and time that they deserve , I promise you all you’ll see how much you’ll receive back the same . Having positivity in life makes a happy you , a happy us , and a happy home .


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