What does happiness mean to you ?

The world happiness means different things to different people . Some find it in people , some find it in things , some find it in emotions . But does one thing that makes you happy lasts forever until the end of time ? . I may not know the answer to that yet , but I am eager to find out for sure . For now my little family makes me happy , living in a beautiful house makes me happy , having to live in a country like UAE makes me happy , having the means to video chat with my loved ones back home makes me happy , having such variety of food around me makes me happy , having help around the house makes me happy , having to explore around the city makes me happy , having exposed to different cultures makes me happy , trying to learn a new language makes me happy , i really haven’t realised until sometime ago that I do have a lot of things to be blessed about in life and be happy . I have been overlooking the positive things around me and just focusing on the negative which hasn’t made any good impact in my life .

Overcoming negativity is the biggest challenge. Yes , it will take time but with the will and right choices anyone can overcome any hurdles in life . I need to be happy , cause if one isn’t happy we can’t really make anyone else happy either . Especially when you have children , it just a very wrong to have a negative thought in your mind , cause you might make 100% sure that you don’t affect anyone around you , but by the end of the day you do . So let the negativity out , talk it out , meditate , take walk , or just pray . But just let it out of your system . I am going to try and make sure that I do keep myself happy first and then try to make others happy . And so should you all .

P.S. my daughter makes me the happiest women on Earth. She is my kind of happiness .

What makes you happy?? please do share your thoughts in the comments below .


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