Well by 7th month my daughter is still very social and allamdulliah a friendly child , but I am noticing that these qualities of their are disappearing , as she has become clingy yet manageable for now . So I have been doing my research on what I can expect by 7th month , well a few common things that I have read is written below :

By 7th month a child should feed itself , make razzing or cooing sounds , smile when interacted with and babble . Well these are the must but every child is different some children by this age sit without support , bear some weights on their legs when held , object when you try to take something away from them, look for dropped objects , or work to reach the toy they have been wanting .

If your child doesn’t do any of the things above mentioned don’t sweat it , just take them to your doctor and they will explain things through .

This is also the month where I am moving from strained foods to semi solids . I know this journey isn’t going to be an easy one but I am excited to try new recipes out for my little one . I may probably call it #babyfoodmondays . Stay tuned for them.


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