As you all know I have an infant and I have been in love with her since the day I saw her , there have been ups and downs since her birth but I love every moment of my motherhood . And finally after all these years I celebrated Mother’s Day with my little love bug . As I child I remember on one of the Mother’s Day I had made my mom some tang orange juice and biscuits and wished her happy Mother’s Day , it wasn’t much back then but I do recollect that memory of mine .

This mother day made me realise one thing that I am 26 years old and I have a child now , literally it’s a shame that I couldn’t have had her earlier in life so I could have spent more time with her . Just think about it ” All those years you could have spent knowing your kid ” . I am sure it would have been as wonderful as I am feeling right now . But everything has its time and wait , so wait it out , don’t stress yourself – what has to happen will happen . Ponder over it – just think of all those years where you could have spent knowing your child more and more . Let me know what you think in the comments section below .


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