Well for the last few days i have been coming across this perticular hastag #justiceforasifa . So why would I open this link and read what’s in it . Let’s just say having an 8 year old eyes staring dead right into you made me do it , and of course that the little girl shared the same name as my mother . And as I read on i was filled with disgust to the people responsible for it , but at the same time I am afraid . Afraid of what the world has come to , it might not have been my 8 year old but I do have an 8 month old , and the fear runs through my spine , I cannot imagine how her mother must be feeling I absolutely have no words to describe it .

And trust me there is absolutely nothing in this world that would comfort the mother of this child , even the harshest punishment on the people responsible wouldn’t help her mend her broken heart . I do not talk about politics and I don’t want to get into it either , but I saw videos and media outlets publicising this as a political agenda , seriously ! What is wrong with the media and the politicians ? .

Now every mother wouldn’t want to let their daughter out of sight . Do we as mothers would want to forever live in fear? . Do we as mothers want our daughters wings clipped? . Do we as mothers want to have nightmares of what might happen to our daughters cause the justice system is a failure ? .

This incident isn’t the first but if justice is served right it can be the last . I do not want to forever live in fear and no one else deserves to live like that either . What we at least can do is educate our girls and boys about the right and the wrongs . And stand up for what’s right .


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