She came into this world , right into my arms , placed there by the heavens . She came straight from God . The most precious gift as I look upon her , peace , purity and innocence fill the air around her . Joyful tears as I whisper in her ears ” we are so happy that you are finally here with us , we have waited so long for you ” . She opened her eyes and I am transformed into timeless moment filled with- what life is . For her I feel recognition , unconditional love and complete trust . I am her mother . In that instant i feel and in my heart I know everything that I do know to guide her .

Lying on our bed as she sleeps between her father and I . I count her fingers and toes , those tiny little things . I look for ways she looks like me and Saud she is unique to herself . I have nothing to say but my heart and mind is full of thoughts .

I want to make many good memories with her .

Spend as much as my time with her , showing her my care and love .

Toys and trinkets can’t replace these moments and these are the precious moments that you share .

My daughter will and always will be my treasure without a price .


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