My daughter is in my arms right now , I will and can protect her as long as I will , but I won’t be around forever . So here are few things that I want my daughter to know once she is old enough to understand things .

1. Stand up for yourself and say “BUZZ OFF” when needed :

Say it with your eyes. Say it with your actions. Say it in your head, or say it out loud. Say it by walking away. Say it however you want ,just make sure you say it. Say it when you are overlooked. Say it when you are being disrespected. Say it when you are being judged. Say it when someone doesn’t treat you the way you know you deserve. Say it when someone puts their hands on you in a way that you don’t like. Say it. Make sure the person you are saying it to hears you loud and clear.

2. Know the difference between right and wrong :

when a person tries to correct you , instead of just getting offended think if the person who is correcting you is right or wrong rather than just defending yourself . It’s better to just understand the situation first and then react , it does more good than harm .

3. Indulge :

Buy the shoes, drink the coffee, eat the chocolate, get the massage, use the good dishes, light the candle. Even if you are the only one to enjoy it, do it. There is no point in saving these things just for other people.

4. Don’t worry about the way you look :

Be healthy, practice moderation, and explore different physical activities. Eat real food that makes you feel alive and makes you want to do things that make you feel alive. Donuts aren’t capable of doing that. However, if you enjoy them every once in awhile, and then say, “That was nice, and now I am done with you,” donuts are wonderful. The size of your thighs (or any other body part) is not what matters in this one life we have. The way your skin is , or the way your hair looks , don’t listen to what others when to say . What matters is how we feel when we are here and how we make others feel.Focus on that .

5. Don’t force it :

If a coloured hair and blue lens makes you look like you are doing this just to fit in , just let it go. If you have a friend who makes you feel like shit or betrays your trust, let her go, too. Nothing should feel forced ever—not a dress, not a relationship, not a hobby. Most importantly, don’t ever try to convince someone of your worth.

6. It’s okay to show emotions :

Its okay if your feeling low and sad and you want to cry it all out . Don’t hold back cry , scream, tell them everything your feeling . Move on .

7. Don’t compare yourself to others :

You are amazing. Yes, you really are. I am your mother, so I will always believe this, but I want you to believe it too. Really believe it. Don’t wait for others to validate you. Even if they do but you don’t believe in your own awesomeness, it will never feel real to you.

8. Be happy :

. It can be very easy to believe something bad someone says about us, easier to believe than the compliments. Just remember what you believe is what you become. Love yourself enough to focus on your gifts, your strengths. Don’t beat yourself up just because you make a mistake. Instead, learn from it. Turn it into something positive.

Some of these things might only make sense to you after some hard lessons, and maybe some of these things you will just know. Either way, life is not easy. But in the end it’s all worth it .


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