Alhamdulillah for motherhood

Has anyone here suffered from postnatal depression/baby blues? I don’t know what I have. I love my child but when I nurse her in the nights and do my best to comfort her and she still doesn’t sleep and cries, I will just break down. Sometimes my break down can last hours. I am mostly by myself most hours of the day but Alhamdulilah and my husband is being amazing pillars for me in this time but I feel so guilty he takes over sometimes. I’m usually fine in the day but at night I crash physically and emotionally. I feel as though I’m being ungrateful when in reality I’m so grateful for this gift but sometimes everything can be overwhelming. I can go on crying for hours and then I feel guilty because my husband has to be there for me and my baby. But by the end of it I am happy and I can alhamdulillah that god blessed me with the best reward one can have in their life time.


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