The battle

A lot of people that I know have been battling with PCOS , and I have been too , I have been suffering from it from the age of 13 , it’s been a battle which I have been constantly been loosing to . And in case anyone is wondering that PCOS happens to only overweight people , trust me that’s not true , I have always been on the skinner side and been suffering from it .

It’s not been easy to talk about it cause one cannot explain it , I have tried explaining to a few people that I know and they think it’s just a normal thing and tell me to just shake it off . How can one shake off the pain , the cramps , the emotional turmoil , the constant need to feel the weight being lifted off your feet . I cannot express how I am feeling or maybe I am not able to express through my words to another person . There is no treatment for this , it’s life long , if your lucky they might disappear . If your not they’ll be stuck to you forever .

Currently I havnt been able to put forth something on the blog as I havnt had the time or the will to write , I have a nearly year old who takes up most of my time , the rest of my times goes into chores and when I do have a little bit of time I put that into not thinking about the pain and focusing on something productive . I don’t think I have found the peace yet in accepting that there is no cure to this disease but just something that can be managed . If you , my readers can relate to this or have had something that worked for you or helped you please do let me know . And for those who are going through exactly the same thing that I am , give yourself a pat on your back , only the strongest of the women can face and goes through this .


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