How we chose our daughter’s name .

Today I will be sharing on how we chose our daughters name , it wasn’t easy but it sure was a fun and a bumpy ride . When we first conceived our child we had already hell bent on a name which sounded amazing and which meant ” the princess” and since we knew we were having a girl early on in pregnancy we were so sure we were going to name our daughter that . But as time passed though when my due was close by , we realised though some of our relatives that the name didn’t have any legit meaning in our religion and honestly it sure was very important for me to have my daughter’s name with the right spelling and meaning so in future it wouldn’t cause any problem . It sure was very disheartening and frustrating that 2 weeks before our due date we didn’t have a name for our child.

We got into panic mode and literally both me and my husband went back and forth on the names that we had selected from the Internet and reconfirmed the spelling was meaning of it from one of our close religious teacher . And after much contemplation we finally decided on the name ” Manha ” . Manha means ” reward from Allah” , the name was apt and true to it , our child is truly a reward from god for what ever good deeds we have done . And she proves it to us everyday on how much of a wonderful reward from god she is to us .

In the end all I can say is with my experience that when your selecting your child’s name it’s always best to

1. Have a couple names on hand just in case .

2. Make sure it has proper meaning and the spellings are right .

3. Never rely on the Internet for the name and it’s meaning to be legit , sometimes it can be wrong .

4. Go with your gut instinct when it comes to naming your child , a lot of people might give you unwanted opinions and what not , but by the end of the day it’s your child and it’s your decision . So stay true to it .


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