How I knew I wanted to become a full time Mom !

“I will ALWAYS want to work full-time!  I’ll NEVER stay at home with children!”

Yep. I said that prior to children. And now?  I’m eating my words.

I wanted to always work and always wanted to be financially independent , but getting pregnant with my first and only child I decided that I wouldn’t be wise for my to get back to work immediately after her birth . But as time passed I realised that I would miss out on a lot of milestones in my child’s life and it was very important for my presence in her life at this stage .

After six years of university and a master’s degree, I never thought I’d be in this place — but, here we are. I’ve always loved my job. Working in healthcare has been amazing for me, in that I love to help my patients and clients change their lives. My job as a clinical psychologist has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling, in many ways. But, for me, it will never be able to make up for what I felt I was missing out on with my child during those times.

As a parent, I’ve learned to never say never.

Because, most times, you end up eating your words.

How did you decide whether to work or to stay home?


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