Abigail C

It’s been long due to give credit to the mums out there who have inspired me through my journey , we women have to support other women in any way that we can . And I would like to start my “ Mums who inspire Me” series with a super talented mum Abigail C .

Abigail is the mum of two adorable kids , and the lady behind the blog Cuddles & Crumbs ( http://www.cuddlesandcrumbs.com/) which focuses on family and food which Truly reflects her . She is also one the very first friend I made when I started off my blog . Abigail is a very humble , down to earth and an easy person to talk to , she has been very supportive to me and has helped me understand parenting . P.S she is also a Time Out Kids Dubai award nominee for Best parenting blog . So when I first thought about starting off this series I had a few women who I look up to and she is one of them . So from here on I would be asking a few questions to each mum who has inspired me in ways unimaginable and you all can read them on my blog . Every parent is different and every child is different so I hope these super mums would inspire you the way they did to me . Read on below what Abigail answers to my questions :

1)What was your idea behind starting a blog and how do you think your blog has evolved now ? 

◦ Blogging has been my way of venting out the ideas and thoughts on my mind then it evolved to a new mom blog when I had my first child. When we moved to DUBAI it became a food blog where we shared recipes and dining experience. As of the moment, I think the blog has still maintained its two main core which is Family and Food. 

2)What is your biggest parenting success ? 

◦ It’s when I see my kids make good choices and hear from people they have met that they are kind. 

3)What is your biggest parenting failure ? 

◦ The times when I am not being fully present to listen to their stories. When I myself don’t follow the rules we have at home

4)How do you take a negative comment to a positive post ? 

◦ I am a sensitive person, it takes quite some time for me to turn negative to positive. My husband makes me see things in a different light. Once I’ve had time to think it over, I make an effort to recheck the incident and see the good in it. 

◦ For the kids, we ask them to think what could have led to that negative comment. Did the person misunderstood them? What are the things that they could have done differently? Helping them to articulate things that happened makes them more aware of the situation 

5)Explain why you post pictures of your kids or why you don’t ? 

My kids are present in all my social media posts because they play a big role in our story. What I don’t post are photos of them in school uniform, I also tend to post hours after the activity/event. 

6)What are your top 5 achievements in life ? 

◦ Ohh 5! Hmm well

(1) is keeping the kids alive! Hahaha believe me, I myself had doubt because I’m not used to not having extra help around.

(2) managing to prepare meals on my own. The first few months we moved here I was in constant video calls back home so I can prepare a decent meal for the family.

(3) every time my kids complete a school level is an achievement 

◦ I can’t think of anything else hehehe but it’s overall just trying to be the mom my kids need and the wife and friend my husband needs. My achievements no longer mean awards but it’s the precious moments of self discovery as a person and mother/ wife. 

7)How much time in a week do you spend on writing and maintaining your blog ? 

◦ My goal was to publish 1 post monthly which I have not done for February & March. Hopefully, I will get back to writing more on the blog. 

8)Describe your best day as a mom

◦ Starting the day with all of enjoying breakfast together, completing chores, family games and ending the night with a movie. 

9)Your top 5 child products must haves ? 

◦ Thermometer

◦ Essential oils – lavender, peppermint, frankincense, valor and peace & Calming 

◦ Water bottle

◦ Wet Wipes 

◦ Snack box

10)What advice can you give a mom to be or a new mommy ? 

◦ Ask for help and get some rest. I think when we become parents the tendency to “do it all” and “know it all” kicks in that we feel guilty and shy off from asking help. Rest, an hour to just sit down doing nothing can really brighten up the mood, so rest whenever you can. 

-Abigail C. Caidoy.



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