The Women who Inspired me the Most.

In my women who inspire me series I couldn’t have left my mother out of this series , she is the first women who has been inspiring me over the years but it just took some time to understand it.In the 27 years of my life , now that i am no longer a child but an adult with a toddler , i have friends whose mothers have passed. I have heard my friends say that they never truly appreciated their mothers until it was too late to tell them.

And Alhamdulliah, I am still blessed with a Mother who is Alive. I have learnt to appreciate her more each day. My mother does not change , but i do. As time has passed i have become older and wiser , I realized that its so difficult to speak these words in her presence , but they flow easily as I type.

So how does one child begin to thank their mother for life itself ?For the love, the patience , and just so much hard work that they have put into raising a child?.For running behind a toddler, for understanding mood swings of a teen, for tolerating a college student who knows to back talk for everything? For waiting for the day when a child realizes how wise their mother really is ? For being ready with advise when seeking one? Or for not saying ” I told you so ,” when she could have uttered those words dozens of times? For essentially being herself – loving, thoughtful and forgiving?.

i don’t know how , except ask Almighty to bless her and keep her happy as she deserves and help me live up to my mothers expectations. I wish that I will be as good as a mother in my child’s eyes as I see my mother. Its never too late , appreciate your mothers and shower them with love that they deserve from you .


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