Alhamdulillah for motherhood

Has anyone here suffered from postnatal depression/baby blues? I don’t know what I have. I love my child but when I nurse her in the nights and do my best to comfort her and she still doesn’t sleep and cries, I will just break down. Sometimes my break down can last hours. I am mostly by myself most hours of the day but Alhamdulilah and my husband is being amazing pillars for me in this time but I feel so guilty he takes over sometimes. I’m usually fine in the day but at night I crash physically and emotionally. I feel as though I’m being ungrateful when in reality I’m so grateful for this gift but sometimes everything can be overwhelming. I can go on crying for hours and then I feel guilty because my husband has to be there for me and my baby. But by the end of it I am happy and I can alhamdulillah that god blessed me with the best reward one can have in their life time.


The master piece

Recently 3 mommy bloggers came up with a wonderful initiative of coming together and creating a platform for mum and their kids to have some fun with art and crafts @crafts.set.go . In my childhood I have always been fascinated with art and crafts and I have been sketching since I was 5 , well when I saw this page I really wanted to be part of it , but how? was the question . My daughter is just 9 months old . But I had amanda help me out with the ideas . And TADA ! It gave me my daughters first master piece . I absolutely love it and will always cherish it until the end of time . Thank you @raisingmyknight @mumzynotebook @craft.set.go .




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Being a mom means taking your own decisions .

Plain and simple. The reason mommy wars exist is because we all want to do the perfectly right thing for each of our children and – when faced with others who do things differently – we feel fear, then insecurity, and then we judge.

If people would just let the above sentence sink in then everyone would stop shaming and hating. And just be happy with their own choices. But people can’t be happy with their own choices if they think their choices are wrong because, after all, the kids are at stake here.

Things I want my daughter to know .

My daughter is in my arms right now , I will and can protect her as long as I will , but I won’t be around forever . So here are few things that I want my daughter to know once she is old enough to understand things .

1. Stand up for yourself and say “BUZZ OFF” when needed :

Say it with your eyes. Say it with your actions. Say it in your head, or say it out loud. Say it by walking away. Say it however you want ,just make sure you say it. Say it when you are overlooked. Say it when you are being disrespected. Say it when you are being judged. Say it when someone doesn’t treat you the way you know you deserve. Say it when someone puts their hands on you in a way that you don’t like. Say it. Make sure the person you are saying it to hears you loud and clear.

2. Know the difference between right and wrong :

when a person tries to correct you , instead of just getting offended think if the person who is correcting you is right or wrong rather than just defending yourself . It’s better to just understand the situation first and then react , it does more good than harm .

3. Indulge :

Buy the shoes, drink the coffee, eat the chocolate, get the massage, use the good dishes, light the candle. Even if you are the only one to enjoy it, do it. There is no point in saving these things just for other people.

4. Don’t worry about the way you look :

Be healthy, practice moderation, and explore different physical activities. Eat real food that makes you feel alive and makes you want to do things that make you feel alive. Donuts aren’t capable of doing that. However, if you enjoy them every once in awhile, and then say, “That was nice, and now I am done with you,” donuts are wonderful. The size of your thighs (or any other body part) is not what matters in this one life we have. The way your skin is , or the way your hair looks , don’t listen to what others when to say . What matters is how we feel when we are here and how we make others feel.Focus on that .

5. Don’t force it :

If a coloured hair and blue lens makes you look like you are doing this just to fit in , just let it go. If you have a friend who makes you feel like shit or betrays your trust, let her go, too. Nothing should feel forced ever—not a dress, not a relationship, not a hobby. Most importantly, don’t ever try to convince someone of your worth.

6. It’s okay to show emotions :

Its okay if your feeling low and sad and you want to cry it all out . Don’t hold back cry , scream, tell them everything your feeling . Move on .

7. Don’t compare yourself to others :

You are amazing. Yes, you really are. I am your mother, so I will always believe this, but I want you to believe it too. Really believe it. Don’t wait for others to validate you. Even if they do but you don’t believe in your own awesomeness, it will never feel real to you.

8. Be happy :

. It can be very easy to believe something bad someone says about us, easier to believe than the compliments. Just remember what you believe is what you become. Love yourself enough to focus on your gifts, your strengths. Don’t beat yourself up just because you make a mistake. Instead, learn from it. Turn it into something positive.

Some of these things might only make sense to you after some hard lessons, and maybe some of these things you will just know. Either way, life is not easy. But in the end it’s all worth it .

A treasure without a price .

She came into this world , right into my arms , placed there by the heavens . She came straight from God . The most precious gift as I look upon her , peace , purity and innocence fill the air around her . Joyful tears as I whisper in her ears ” we are so happy that you are finally here with us , we have waited so long for you ” . She opened her eyes and I am transformed into timeless moment filled with- what life is . For her I feel recognition , unconditional love and complete trust . I am her mother . In that instant i feel and in my heart I know everything that I do know to guide her .

Lying on our bed as she sleeps between her father and I . I count her fingers and toes , those tiny little things . I look for ways she looks like me and Saud she is unique to herself . I have nothing to say but my heart and mind is full of thoughts .

I want to make many good memories with her .

Spend as much as my time with her , showing her my care and love .

Toys and trinkets can’t replace these moments and these are the precious moments that you share .

My daughter will and always will be my treasure without a price .


Well for the last few days i have been coming across this perticular hastag #justiceforasifa . So why would I open this link and read what’s in it . Let’s just say having an 8 year old eyes staring dead right into you made me do it , and of course that the little girl shared the same name as my mother . And as I read on i was filled with disgust to the people responsible for it , but at the same time I am afraid . Afraid of what the world has come to , it might not have been my 8 year old but I do have an 8 month old , and the fear runs through my spine , I cannot imagine how her mother must be feeling I absolutely have no words to describe it .

And trust me there is absolutely nothing in this world that would comfort the mother of this child , even the harshest punishment on the people responsible wouldn’t help her mend her broken heart . I do not talk about politics and I don’t want to get into it either , but I saw videos and media outlets publicising this as a political agenda , seriously ! What is wrong with the media and the politicians ? .

Now every mother wouldn’t want to let their daughter out of sight . Do we as mothers would want to forever live in fear? . Do we as mothers want our daughters wings clipped? . Do we as mothers want to have nightmares of what might happen to our daughters cause the justice system is a failure ? .

This incident isn’t the first but if justice is served right it can be the last . I do not want to forever live in fear and no one else deserves to live like that either . What we at least can do is educate our girls and boys about the right and the wrongs . And stand up for what’s right .

My little love bug

As you all know I have an infant and I have been in love with her since the day I saw her , there have been ups and downs since her birth but I love every moment of my motherhood . And finally after all these years I celebrated Mother’s Day with my little love bug . As I child I remember on one of the Mother’s Day I had made my mom some tang orange juice and biscuits and wished her happy Mother’s Day , it wasn’t much back then but I do recollect that memory of mine .

This mother day made me realise one thing that I am 26 years old and I have a child now , literally it’s a shame that I couldn’t have had her earlier in life so I could have spent more time with her . Just think about it ” All those years you could have spent knowing your kid ” . I am sure it would have been as wonderful as I am feeling right now . But everything has its time and wait , so wait it out , don’t stress yourself – what has to happen will happen . Ponder over it – just think of all those years where you could have spent knowing your child more and more . Let me know what you think in the comments section below .

The 7th month

Well by 7th month my daughter is still very social and allamdulliah a friendly child , but I am noticing that these qualities of their are disappearing , as she has become clingy yet manageable for now . So I have been doing my research on what I can expect by 7th month , well a few common things that I have read is written below :

By 7th month a child should feed itself , make razzing or cooing sounds , smile when interacted with and babble . Well these are the must but every child is different some children by this age sit without support , bear some weights on their legs when held , object when you try to take something away from them, look for dropped objects , or work to reach the toy they have been wanting .

If your child doesn’t do any of the things above mentioned don’t sweat it , just take them to your doctor and they will explain things through .

This is also the month where I am moving from strained foods to semi solids . I know this journey isn’t going to be an easy one but I am excited to try new recipes out for my little one . I may probably call it #babyfoodmondays . Stay tuned for them.

World happiness day

March 20th – World Happiness day , it sure is the world’s happiness day as it’s the day my husband was born too . The day falls perfectly on the exact day when my special person was born , who makes my world happy . This is going to be his first birthday with our daughter and it’s just makes it extra special today . So when was your special person born and what “universal day “ did it coincide with ? Drop your answers in the comment section .

Happiness week

What does happiness mean to you ?

The world happiness means different things to different people . Some find it in people , some find it in things , some find it in emotions . But does one thing that makes you happy lasts forever until the end of time ? . I may not know the answer to that yet , but I am eager to find out for sure . For now my little family makes me happy , living in a beautiful house makes me happy , having to live in a country like UAE makes me happy , having the means to video chat with my loved ones back home makes me happy , having such variety of food around me makes me happy , having help around the house makes me happy , having to explore around the city makes me happy , having exposed to different cultures makes me happy , trying to learn a new language makes me happy , i really haven’t realised until sometime ago that I do have a lot of things to be blessed about in life and be happy . I have been overlooking the positive things around me and just focusing on the negative which hasn’t made any good impact in my life .

Overcoming negativity is the biggest challenge. Yes , it will take time but with the will and right choices anyone can overcome any hurdles in life . I need to be happy , cause if one isn’t happy we can’t really make anyone else happy either . Especially when you have children , it just a very wrong to have a negative thought in your mind , cause you might make 100% sure that you don’t affect anyone around you , but by the end of the day you do . So let the negativity out , talk it out , meditate , take walk , or just pray . But just let it out of your system . I am going to try and make sure that I do keep myself happy first and then try to make others happy . And so should you all .

P.S. my daughter makes me the happiest women on Earth. She is my kind of happiness .

What makes you happy?? please do share your thoughts in the comments below .