The 7th month

Well by 7th month my daughter is still very social and allamdulliah a friendly child , but I am noticing that these qualities of their are disappearing , as she has become clingy yet manageable for now . So I have been doing my research on what I can expect by 7th month , well a few common things that I have read is written below :

By 7th month a child should feed itself , make razzing or cooing sounds , smile when interacted with and babble . Well these are the must but every child is different some children by this age sit without support , bear some weights on their legs when held , object when you try to take something away from them, look for dropped objects , or work to reach the toy they have been wanting .

If your child doesn’t do any of the things above mentioned don’t sweat it , just take them to your doctor and they will explain things through .

This is also the month where I am moving from strained foods to semi solids . I know this journey isn’t going to be an easy one but I am excited to try new recipes out for my little one . I may probably call it #babyfoodmondays . Stay tuned for them.

World happiness day

March 20th – World Happiness day , it sure is the world’s happiness day as it’s the day my husband was born too . The day falls perfectly on the exact day when my special person was born , who makes my world happy . This is going to be his first birthday with our daughter and it’s just makes it extra special today . So when was your special person born and what “universal day “ did it coincide with ? Drop your answers in the comment section .

Happiness week

What does happiness mean to you ?

The world happiness means different things to different people . Some find it in people , some find it in things , some find it in emotions . But does one thing that makes you happy lasts forever until the end of time ? . I may not know the answer to that yet , but I am eager to find out for sure . For now my little family makes me happy , living in a beautiful house makes me happy , having to live in a country like UAE makes me happy , having the means to video chat with my loved ones back home makes me happy , having such variety of food around me makes me happy , having help around the house makes me happy , having to explore around the city makes me happy , having exposed to different cultures makes me happy , trying to learn a new language makes me happy , i really haven’t realised until sometime ago that I do have a lot of things to be blessed about in life and be happy . I have been overlooking the positive things around me and just focusing on the negative which hasn’t made any good impact in my life .

Overcoming negativity is the biggest challenge. Yes , it will take time but with the will and right choices anyone can overcome any hurdles in life . I need to be happy , cause if one isn’t happy we can’t really make anyone else happy either . Especially when you have children , it just a very wrong to have a negative thought in your mind , cause you might make 100% sure that you don’t affect anyone around you , but by the end of the day you do . So let the negativity out , talk it out , meditate , take walk , or just pray . But just let it out of your system . I am going to try and make sure that I do keep myself happy first and then try to make others happy . And so should you all .

P.S. my daughter makes me the happiest women on Earth. She is my kind of happiness .

What makes you happy?? please do share your thoughts in the comments below .

The Perfect Mom Blogger

I recently saw a post of a fellow mom blogger on instagram where she said a few words about the glamour vs not so glamorous side of mom blogger ( instagram link ). I seriously thought that it was very well written and she gave us an insight to the reality of all the major mom bloggers out there . I constantly see a lot of mom bloggers out there who write only either about sponsors or the glamorous side of blogger life , what about the not so easy part of it ?? . What about the hardship of having to raise a child ?? . What about the part where you don’t have enough time to spend time with your child cause you are way to busy doing chores ??. What about the part where your child is sick and your way too busy tending to them rather than taking care of yourself ???..

I became a mom blogger cause i wanted to share my side of the story to others out there, i do sponsored product on my page cause i genuinely think that it will do more good than harm . This whole mom blogging has become such a big rat race now , that i see a lot of women out there actually do it for the free products / paid sponsorship or for the fame of having a lot of followers. why??. Readers look upto you for your advise , something that they can relate to , not the unrealistic part of it , where its 8am your all dolled up in some fancy place sipping away your coffee and instagramming about it , where as I at 10am in the morning , am still in my jammies , with a messy bun , covered with burp residue , hungry , tired , and tending to my child who is screaming at the top of her lungs. And i honestly feel that a lot of women out there are just like me , and for the others who cannot relate to what I have just written , well I am glad you have your sh*t together .


The slowpoke

Just like any other parent I worry for my child – it’s a part of the job description . And usually told by many people not to worry , sometime even by the doctor ( who I oh so very frequently visit ) – but words aren’t just not enough to clam our nerves as parents we worry .

Well when I gave birth there were a lot more women in our family and friends circle who were expecting along with me , so it was like this huge baby boom . And it so happened that my daughter has a lot of other kids within the family growing up and that is surely very lovely to have a lot of friends and playmates . But here comes the negative side to it – the comparison . Ya’Allah , why ? Everyone wants to know what my little dimples does and then compare her with the rest of the kids her age . I mean come’on , give the mother a break , we don’t need to hear this , it wrecks our nerves as to why our children not doing this or that , or why hasn’t this happened yet . Well there are answers to this – Every child is different , just cause one child does something faster doesn’t mean they are the best and the one who is slow is someone weak . In medical terms – it just may be that your child’s gross motor development that are involved in rolling over , crawling , sitting , standing , walking etc , are just on the lower side of normal and that they’ll just gradually catch up to their friends of their age on his/ her own pace . There might be few things that can speed up the process with some exercises and other things . But trust me your child is just fine doing things in their own pace . Unless the child is just inactive or unhealthy , I suggest you all to consult a doctor .

Yes , I’d agree that I did feel that pinch when someone compared my child’s milestones to another child her age, but then I realised that it’s just not worth wasting my time and peace over thinking something that’s just so absurd . I don’t want to compare my child with another child over silly things , it’s just unhealthy and these negativity might grow day by day , so the best part is just to let it go , let your child be how every they are , make sure your child is happy , healthy and has a good environment . Trust me I’d give up anything in the world to just see my little dimples face light up with the most beautiful smile when she looks at me . I never did know that I could make anyone so happy just by looking at them .

This feeling of having to make my child happy , I’d never want to trade it with the insecurity of why my child isn’t catching up with the rest of the kids her age . Give your child the love , care and time that they deserve , I promise you all you’ll see how much you’ll receive back the same . Having positivity in life makes a happy you , a happy us , and a happy home .

Organic snacks and juices

Well every mother out there would definitely want everything organic and natural for her child and inculcate that habit into their child too , rather than them having to eat junk food . Well one such brand that I came across was the NAB Middle East they have variety of organic products ranging from juices , fruit rolls to snacks to cold coffee . Below I have the product from the brand that I have tried .

The happy monkey smoothies : well my daughter is 6 months old so this smoothie was something which I couldn’t give her , instead I tasted it , it a little thick and tangy due to the strawberries but since it was cold it was very refreshing .

The yo-yo bear fruit rolls were amazing , even as an adult , I couldn’t stop munching these fruit rolls , they are tasty and healthy . They are made of pure fruit pulp and baked . No sugars added and absolutely perfect for kids over the age of 12 months .

Koele triple baked coconut chips : well if your a fan of coconut chips then this chips is definitely for you . I prefer my chips to be spicy and salty not sweet . But I liked the fact that the chips were thin crispy and had slight flavours in them rather than the burst of flavours like we see in other chips .

Landessa Ice coffee latte : oh this was a blessed in disguise I loved it . And probably going to pick this up often as I loved the fact that the coffee was not too strong nor too light just the perfect mix . For all those coffee lovers out there , you really need to try this .

Well finally I’d like to talk about the organic juices which nab Middle East sent me : I absolutely loved them . The best part is that there is no sugar . The juices extract with mineral water makes it actually very light and not heavy on you . It feels light and refreshing and that’s something I’d want to include in my daily diet in the mornings .

My daughters half birthday

I couldn’t believe that my daughter turned half a year old already . Time truly flies , it feels like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to her and she was tiny and now she is this 6 month old who is ready to explore the world on her own terms with her giggle and tantrums , putting nearly everything in her mouth to explore to rolling on the bed with her toys . I feel like a blessed mama , things couldn’t have been better than this , I’d like to take this opportunity to say something to my daughter once she grows up , I hope someday she will look back to this and read this with a smile ,

For my daughter ,

I hope that you have blossomed into a very beautiful women that one can be , someone who is kind , happy and confident in her own skin .

I wish you the strength to fight your own battles with confidence , along with the wisdom to choose your battles .

I wish that you have a wonderful journey which leads to happiness and love .

Know that this journey isn’t going to be an easy one , but with kindness and love you can overcome any obstacle .

My dearest , your mother loves you very much , and wish you all the happiness in the world.



(P.S more pictures on my Instagram page mom.explorer)

Mom shaming around breast feeding choices

MOM SHAMING : criticizing or degrading a mother for her parenting choices because they differ from the other choices the shammers would make .

This is real , and yes there are a lot of Mom Shamers out there who constantly judge your for your parental choices , and it does surely hurt your feelings at first but , hey ! We all do get over it , cause we love are children as much as any other person would . The main reason as to why I was Mom shammed was due the fact that I couldn’t breast feed my child often or as normal as a women was expected to . This needed to be share cause I get judged upon it constantly on a day to day basis . Yes I cannot breast feed my child , I couldn’t produce enough milk due to health issues I faced post partum- and I know many many women could relate to this and also as to how alone I feel . Everywhere I looked everyone is preaching how breast milk is the best for the child and it helps them with their growth and what not . But sometimes it’s not an option . As long as we feed our child with love and care , that’s absolutely perfect , it doesn’t make you any less of a mother cause your child was bottle fed .

Why am I writing this cause I had people constantly in RL and on instagram passing comments as to why I wasn’t breast feeding . I really did try everything , medication , diet , massages , exercise , but it just didn’t work for me . I am not a bad mom just cause I cannot breast feed my child . But why do I have to still feel bad ? Why do I have to constantly explain to myself ? Even though I know I am doing my best .

This topic is sadly such a taboo issue and isn’t often talked about . We all know scientifically that breastfeeding is good for babies . But it’s not easy , I get it . But formula is fine too . I am doing my best and still walking around hating myself , so I had to say something . I think all other mothers should come together and support each other no matter what choices that we make . Sadly that’s not the case . It’s literally mean sometimes in the mom world . And to all the women reading this and feel isolated or alone because they are giving their babies formula ? Relax , your doing great . Shake off the haters . Just focus your energy and mind into keeping your babies happy 🙂

My wedding day

3 years ago I had my big day and I have to thank a lot of people who made it one of the best days of my life . I loved every min of the day . Even though I was a little stage shy and had concerns being the centre of attention , allamdulliallah i did not freak out .

My lehenga was exactly the colour I wanted it was in between red and pink , even though my mother wanted me to wear white . I went in for this traditional colour . The theme of my wedding was peacock colours and pretty much everyone who attended my wedding were in code . My father being a wedding hirer and decorator made sure everything was perfect and every detail checked twice .

My mum is my biggest support through all this . This day changed our relationship a lot , we because even more closer to each other than before and stronger . I cannot thank my mother enough and even to this day I still call my mother every single day , sometimes more than twice . I really cannot thank my mum enough for raising me the right way . And I hope to become at least half as good as a mother as she is . I havnt admitted to myself in all these years but today I can say that yes when I wanted to grow up I wanted to be like my mother . Be respected like her . Be looked upon like her . Be graceful like her . Be patient like her . Be tolerant like her . Be a mother like her . Be smart like her . I have learnt a lot of things from her but still that’s not enough and there is a longer way to go .

And I went off track from whole wedding scene to mummy scene . Well even to this day when I recollect my wedding memories all I can remember is my parents . I was very happy to have gotten married to the love of my life , but at the same time leaving behind my parents is something very hard and to this day I have those emotions coming up every now and then , living so far away from them , not able to see them , not able to care for them , not able to take care of them instead more over them still taking care of me .

I would like to also add that I really do love my husband dearly , and thanking him for tolerating my mood swings , anger , giving me the best present in the form of love and a child , being patient with me in both sickness and in health . He truly is a wonderful man and I a very lucky to have him as my husband and the father of my child . Happy 3 anniversary sweetheart . I love you and I hope we have many more happy anniversaries to come .


The Haldi

Just like any other South Indian bride for my haldi I donned a kanjivaram saree . Typically in my family’s customs and traditions we have the application of sandalwood paste on the brides face , hands and legs before dressing up in the traditional saree , but in my case I skipped the whole haldi part as I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being applied sandalwood paste or haldi , but that’s my personal choice no judgement on others who prefer it .

I remember that my mum , aunts and I picked up my saree somewhere in banglore ( can’t recollect the name of the place ) but it was a last minute choice as I went through series of choices .

In my family’s tradition it is sort of customary to wear the hatta Patti ( which is the bracelets connecting to the rings ) . I had a lot of sentimental value towards what I wore that day cause it belongs to my mother , and she wore them as a Bride and since her wedding many of our family’s brides have worn the same bracelets . So finally when it was my turn it was overwhelming. And the Matta Patti ( Head gear ) belonged to my late grandmother which was passed on to her daughters . I cannot begin to say what an honour it was to wear it , it is another piece of jewellery that many of our community brides have worn as a traditional head gear , it’s simple , classy and something which will never go out of style . Another piece of jewellery which is close to my heart is my navaratna chocker , why is it special ? . Well it consists of 9 Gems , hence the name . It was a custom made design by my aunt and trust me I adore it .

I may not have been the typical South Indian bride but I was very happy with my look , and obviously I need to thank my aunt for the makeup and hair . Yes , I didn’t hire a makeup artist for my wedding cause my aunt is as good as a professional one and over the years she has dressed a lot of brides , I was very confident with my choice and she didn’t let me down 🙂