Amanda Dias

Life is something that I have always believed to be a river that constantly flows, never stops or slows. It has those straight, normal, and peaceful times, but it has rough times with twists and turns. I think everyone knows this, but some people have worse experiences than others. Those experiences cannot be avoided and have to be faced. Everyone always faces those experiences differently as they come. The ones that face the experiences with the bright hearts and their heads held high are those that inspire me every single day to keep going. And one such lady who inspires me is Amanda , the mother behind the blog @raisingmyknights .

Amanda is a mum of two boys and a super creative mum , and her journey is all about learning , creating , exploring and discovering things with her little ones . If you’re always searching for inspiration for fun crafts and activities that stimulate your child’s creativity, learning and development, or simply to keep them out of mischief… then you should definitely head over to her blog . She has everything from craft ideas  to entertainment, and ideas for DIY kids’ activities, that busy modern mums can get into with their kids…as well as some budget-friendly hacks On @craft.set.go

So below is Amanda’s take on parenting , life and everything else between .

1.What was your idea behind starting a blog and how do you think your blog has evolved now ? 

-After becoming a mum I got so consumed with the new role that I felt lost and depressed. I realized I got annoyed and irritated easily and started to vent or react quicker than I normally would.

It all started one DIY morning with Aquarius magazine and vtools we were meant to create a height ruler out of wood.We spent the morning exploring sanding tools and marking the wood. I enjoyed it so much that I lost track of time. I came back home with the wood piece and happier than my usual self. Even though it took me two weeks to complete the finished piece I enjoyed every moment. 

That’s when I realized I seldom get my “me” time. So every Friday I woke up early to a quiet living room and executed a DIY. I was finally making all those pinterest saves and had fun sharing it. As LiL knight grew older we discovered arts and crafts together which slowly made it’s way onto social media /blog.

 I decided it was time to reach other mums who felt like me and maybe encourge them to join in the fun whilst they get some much needed “me-time”. To share ways to keep kids occupied and have when with them creating memories of their own.

Today I have a blog, one stop inspirations/tutorials and so much more.I even managed to create a community with two other mums @craft.set.go to empower other mums to recreate what we once learned and share this with our kids.

2 What is your biggest parenting success ? 

-When I see my knight grabbing a book to read or sitting and painting on his own.Off late I’ve been teaching him to use his words to express various feelings and helping him identify them.Raising emotional intelligent kids is so important in todays world.

3 What is your biggest parenting failure ? 

–When I take on too much I stress myself out. It isnt easy to do it all. My latest obstacle is balancing a baby and a preschooler who both need a piece of me.

4 How do you take a negative comment to a positive post ?

-I’ve been a corporate trainer for almost eight years and the first thing its taught me is how you perceive yourself is not the way the world looks at you. To be your best you need to see yourself through their eyes. Everyone has a right to an opinion separate the facts skip the emotions you might just see the truth.

5 Explain why you post pictures of your kids or why you don’t ?

-I’m not the sort to reveal my entire life on social media. I like a certain part of it to be personal. The same goes with my kids and my spouse. I always ask my son only if he is ok we go ahead. I hope that someday he can look back and see the fun we had together.

6.What are your top 5 achievements in life ?

-Hmm it’s a difficult question…I’ve had small achievements.

1. Managing to figure out motherhood all on my own without having a mom or a dad .

2. Despite daily battles of life I try my best to be positive and not let petty things pull me down , despite the rollercoaster of emotions every now and then .

3. Being on PearlFM radio with my 4 year old .

4. Inspiring people to be the better version of themselves.

5. Sharing my passion through DIY ‘me’ time and mom&me workshops.

7 How much time in a week do you spend on writing and maintaining your blog ?

-I used to have the luxury of spending my mornings writing or creating something artsy/craftsy now with LiL bub it’s a challenge.I do it when I can.

8) Describe your best day as a mom

…It would be a day when I’ve successfully accomplished my to-do list, finished my chores, had no power struggle or temper tantrums from my pre schooler, kids snoring in bed early leaving me with a few minutes to read or scroll through Netflix before I fall asleep.

9)Your top 5 child products must haves ?

-Four cow farm (calendula remedy and tea tree remedy), cetaphyl body cream, pureborne diapers and mustella shampoo

10)What advice can you give a mom to be or a new mommy ?

-No parenting book can fully help each child is different follow your gut feeling it’s 98% accurate lastly make time for you coz only then can you give your best self to your family.

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